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The decision to cancel the remainder of our National Show this year was made with the heaviest of hearts but done out of respect for the family involved and due to very little enthusiasm for it's continuance from competitors and officials.

There have been some very kind gestures towards not claiming refunds from the AHS - it is however recognised that time and costs have been incurred to attend the National Show and the fact that Saturday was cancelled was great disappointment for some.

It is therefore correct that if members wish to claim refunds they are fully entitled to do so.  Any claims should be addressed by email to Linda Nicholson,, at Agriculture House by 23rd August, 2019

You will have heard by now of the very sad loss of Ryan Jones at the National Show on Saturday. Words will never be adequate to express the sorrow and pain that is being felt by the family and all his friends in the arabian horse world.

We send our deepest condolences to the Jones family and to his partner Sue.

Due to this tragic event it was decided to cancel the rest of the show on compassionate grounds.

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This year at our British National Championship Show the Shows and Events Team have decided to extend the ECAHO Standard Championship method.

This will involve bringing back the top 3 from each ECAHO class for their respective championships.

1st placed horses in their class line up ordered according to age in the front row

2nd placed horses then line up behind them in that order

3rd placed horses then line up behind the 2nd placed horses in that order thus making 3 rows.

The judge will then select his/her GOLD Champion from the 1st placed horses in the front row. The SILVER and BRONZE champion should be selected from the remaining horses.

A fourth horse will be selected which will become the Bronze Champion should one to the three medal winners be disqualified.

The horse will not be announced. In the event two or more of the winners are disqualified, no further substitution will be made.

If a horse placed first in its class is not able to take part in their championship, the horse placed second in the class will move forward and be judged with the other horses placed first. Should a horse placed first be sent out of the ring by the judge or taken out by the handler for any reason, it will be deemed to have taken part in the championship and therefore the second placed horse will not be judged with the other first placed horses.

Substitutions for absent first, second or third placed horses by lower ranked horses will not be permitted.

All horses that qualified for their respective championships MUST take part in the championship. Unless a certificate from the DC Veterinarian is produced, failure to compete will disqualify the horse from the show, with its record of score and class placing being deleted and the horse being disqualified from showing for a period of one year from the date of the show. In the event of a disqualification, horses placed behind the disqualified horse will move up a place in the class but 4th or lower placed horses will not be entitled to enter the championship.

Shows & Events Committee 

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