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Due to unforeseen circumstance the Judges Seminar at Holiday Inn Express, Birmingham NEC has been postponed until the Autumn 2020.

If you have paid for the seminar you will automatically be allocated a place on the new date and your payment will be held to reserve your place.

We will inform you as soon as we can of the exact date and venue.

If there is a problem with this please ring Linda on 01672 555515 to discuss.

Many thanks

Shows and Events Committee

The work of this committee includes the following :

WAHO Nomination Form to be returned to office by 17th February, 2020

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Council are issuing this statement for several reasons: 

  1. To confirm that the show for 2020 will be held at the David Broome Equitation Centre 
  1. To confirm that the dates for the show will be Friday 17th, Sat 18th, Sun 19th July
  1. To give the reasons behind the decisions 



The National Show at Malvern has had some great memories but this year the show has resulted in a significant loss to the Society – there are many reasons for this but as Trustees we cannot allow this situation to continue (it is against charitable aims to knowingly allow a loss making exercise to happen). 

The Show committee tried very hard to negotiate with the 3 Counties management. We considered to go down to a 2 day show but the cost for 2 days was not much less than for 3 days. On top of that, the extra costs the 3 Counties charged us for e.g. muck removal from temporary stables, crowd barriers, catalogue huts, rubbish removal etc. was making the venue unviable.

The committee then decided to consider other venues. A show ground needs to be able to offer specific criteria for it to be considered and at the right price.

There was an opportunity for several members to visit the DBEC to assess the site. It had so many positive things going for it e.g. excellent stables, large arenas with all weather surfaces, good catering facilities, excellent viewing positions etc.  Financially it is without a doubt the right move. The 3 Counties were given an opportunity to compete at this price to which they could not get close to.

The manager of the facility was extremely helpful and willing to be as flexible as possible to enable our show to move there.

The usual date of the show was unavailable so we will have to go to the 17th, 18th and 19th July.

The announcement was put onto the Arab Horse Society Facebook page – the objective was to inform you all of what had had to be decided.

Council really believes that this move to the DBEC will enable the Society to continue running the biggest National Show in Europe. The facilities appear to be excellent – the all weather surfaces will help on those rainy days. The stabling looks to be both ample and is in very good condition. The catering venue looks excellent, plus a bar and we are told that the chef is of the highest quality.

Viewing of the rings is very good from many points around the arenas and in the social area. Car and lorry parking is large and there is ample availability of hook ups. 

 A crew attached to the show ground runs the medical facilities.

We want you all to enjoy the show as you have done over its many years. Change has been forced upon us by the rising costs at Malvern – the hard work in organising next year’s show has already started and we are determined to make it a success. We need your support to ensure it happens. 

Council at the last meeting approved the show committee chairman proposal of the change of venue and dates.

The Chairman

On behalf of the Trustees of the Arab Horse Society 


This year at our British National Championship Show the Shows and Events Team have decided to extend the ECAHO Standard Championship method.

This will involve bringing back the top 3 from each ECAHO class for their respective championships.

1st placed horses in their class line up ordered according to age in the front row

2nd placed horses then line up behind them in that order

3rd placed horses then line up behind the 2nd placed horses in that order thus making 3 rows.

The judge will then select his/her GOLD Champion from the 1st placed horses in the front row. The SILVER and BRONZE champion should be selected from the remaining horses.

A fourth horse will be selected which will become the Bronze Champion should one to the three medal winners be disqualified.

The horse will not be announced. In the event two or more of the winners are disqualified, no further substitution will be made.

If a horse placed first in its class is not able to take part in their championship, the horse placed second in the class will move forward and be judged with the other horses placed first. Should a horse placed first be sent out of the ring by the judge or taken out by the handler for any reason, it will be deemed to have taken part in the championship and therefore the second placed horse will not be judged with the other first placed horses.

Substitutions for absent first, second or third placed horses by lower ranked horses will not be permitted.

All horses that qualified for their respective championships MUST take part in the championship. Unless a certificate from the DC Veterinarian is produced, failure to compete will disqualify the horse from the show, with its record of score and class placing being deleted and the horse being disqualified from showing for a period of one year from the date of the show. In the event of a disqualification, horses placed behind the disqualified horse will move up a place in the class but 4th or lower placed horses will not be entitled to enter the championship.

Shows & Events Committee 

Mrs Rebecca McCormick, Council Member & Chairman

Mrs Fiona Grant-Chivers, Council Member

Mr Stephen McCormick, Council Member

Mr Simon Constable, Council Member

Direct Elect Members
Miss Felicity Harper

Judges Training Sub Committee

Mrs Joanne Lowe - Chairman

Mrs Frances Atkinson

Miss Joanne Woodward 

Miss Karen Upton